Falling tiles are an issue that, when left untreated, will certainly lead to more problems and utility costs. And we do know you do not want this to happen, especially that we are bombarded with home maintenance and bills. Fret not; we will share with you the basic information that needs to be known to avoid this kind of problem.  

Poor installation, poor maintenance, and poor-quality type of materials are three of the common reasons for falling tiles, among others. Handyman services Fremantle provide the professional care that you need. If you want to address the issue immediately, book a consultation now. 

Reasons for Falling Tiles 

The first reason for falling tiles is a poor-installed primer. Primer helps your tiles attain that waterproof quality and allows the tiles to stick to the wall. When the plaster is not correctly primed, this causes the water to get into the layers, further making your tiles nonstick.  

Latex or oil-based materials are used for priming before installation, so make sure that your trusted company uses either of the two for the tiles to effectively repel water.  

The second reason for a falling tile is your adhesive. When the adhesive is not correctly applied, your tiles will fall off. Furthermore, ensure that you purchase a water-resistant adhesive as this is more effective than the non-water-resistant.  

The third probable reason for a falling tile is the tiles were not properly cleaned before installation. When you forget to wipe off the chalk reside of the tiles, this prevents the tiles from adhering. Ensure that you clean them with wet clothe and wait until the tiles get dry. In this way, you will ensure that any residue is properly removed.  

The fourth reason is something to do with your grout. Grout prevents the dirt from getting under or in between your tiles and adds rigidness to them. It is a mixture of cement, water, and sand. When the grout is not correctly applied. Ensure that you apply the grout properly after a day of adhering to the tile on the wall or floor. Another reason that is still connected to grouting is you used the wrong grout for your tiling project. The following are further tips you can use for proper grouting: 

-avoid skipping any area 

-remove the remaining grout 

-ensure to leave the grout within a day without touching it 

The fifth probable cause of falling tiles is uneven wall/floor. When your wall has dips and humps, the tiles would have difficulty in adhering themselves to the wall. It is important that you make sure that the wall is evenly finished.  

When you want to fix your tiles on your own, it is recommended that you take the tile off, purchase a new, strong adhesive, and properly grout the tile. By doing all these, you can guarantee your tiles will not fall anymore. 


Prevention is better than repair. So, when installing tiles on your wall, hire only the professional who gives you the best quality service in town.