First of all, not only fire damage is done in your business property, but water and smoke as well—from the efforts of firefighters to put off the fire by soaking your entire property. Take note that each fire damage circumstance varies, and the experts are the ones who can decide on a special fire restoration plan and solution for your property. However, there are basic processes that are done during EcoTek Pro emergency restoration services. Here are some of them: 

All restorable structures and items that were damaged will be cleaned. There are different types of cleaning techniques that can be utilized to clean such items up, along with foggers, industrial scrubbers, and more equipment that can aid in eliminating smoke odors.  

Soot and smoke removal 

The odors and staining that remained from soot and smoke commonly go way past the surface. With specialized techniques and equipment, the following step for the restoration company is to eliminate soot and smoke from the walls, ceilings, and all other surfaces. Usually, it’s best to throw out any upholstered furnishings or furniture when they aren’t too costly to replace since it may be costlier to restore and attempt these.  

Water removal 

The procedure of eliminating most of the water caused by firefighting efforts must be prioritized. Getting help from an expert team to search for signs of leaks or areas where mold can buildup is extremely vital. The team will bring in air movers and humidifiers to eliminate water as much as possible and finish the drying process.  

Safety work 

It’s important to prioritize keeping the property damage from getting worse. With a lot of your roofs, walls, and windows potentially impacted, the restoration service provider will search at what should be installed or whether your roofing requires a tarp to be put on top of it. This can help you secure your building from being damaged even more while protecting the restoration specialists as they work.  


Contact your local leading and reliable restoration company to come and make a damage assessment on your property. The experts will thoroughly go through your building to know the scope of the water, soot, smoke, and fire damage.  

Employing experts will do a comprehensive and complete examination of the damage. This step is not just important in knowing the cleanup and restoration plan, it’s also essential for insurance purposes as well. Moreover, they will document and record all damage to your insurer.  

Repair and restoration 

Last but definitely not least, having your property restored to its condition before the fire happened may involve installing new flooring, painting, drywall, etc. Most of the time, fire creates blistering and bubbling to paint, which should be repainted and scraped. Wood surfaces must be refinished, sanded, and stropped to eliminate all odors. 

When your property requires specific repairs, you can anticipate the renovation or remodeling of different rooms or areas or even repairs to the structure of the building and its roofing.