Commercial roof repair is a common service provided by Maple Ridge roofing companies. And they would tell you that if properly maintained, your commercial flat roof may endure up to 20 years. However, this will not realize if you keep on having roof issues because of some disasters like a storm and heavy snow. 

A roof is a complicated structure that needs the assistance of a seasoned pro to evaluate if a repair or replacement is necessary. And this is why you should always go to them when you need an inspection or if you suspect that your roof is already experiencing some issues.  

Addressing Commercial Roof Leaks  

Stains, pooling, and moisture condensing in the house’s floor or streams on the walls are all symptoms of problems in any business roofing system and they know how these can affect your business in the long run. When watermarks appear, that should alert the owner that damage has already occurred, which was a result of a small issue that has gone overlooked. Once the issues have been found, you’ll need the help of a competent professional roofing contractor to figure out where the leak is coming from and perform the required repairs to keep water out of your building.  

Gutter Cleaning and Repair  

Water is moved and directed to the soil by the gutters and this is why they play an important role in keeping your roof damage-free. They will also be the ones that receive and carry anything that falls from the roof such as leaves and twigs. When all of these are accumulated, the gutters become clogged. Sadly, y our gutters aren’t built to handle a lot of weight and may break or become damaged when left uncleaned and unmaintained for a long time. To minimize repair costs and water pouring over the gutters, it is the responsibility of the owner to maintain the gutters clear from debris and breaks. As experts in the area, we recommend cleaning your roof gutters twice a year, in conjunction with your normal roof inspection, to maintain them performing at their best.  

Poor Ventilation Damage Repair  

The most crucial aspect of any business roofing is ventilation as it keeps the whole roofing system safe. When your attic heats up because of bad ventilation the heat is expelled via the roof and may cause damage to the roof. Whichever roofing materials you may have on your business property, will accumulate heat to the extent that it gets fried up on a hot day. Moreover, if you have water on your roof, the heat will turn the water into mold and algae, posing a biohazard to your structure and driving up expenditures tremendously.  

Repairing Flashing Issues  

Your roofers would use zinc alloy or galvanized steel to protect the regions surrounding dormers, chimneys, walls, and whatever other point where the roof meets a vertical plane while installing a new roof. Not all contractors are up to the task, and very often, a missing seal, which causes flashing to lift, is overlooked. Water just requires that to enter, and inadequate work leads to repair costs.