Botox has been known mostly for its benefits for beauty however, just like how everything has a better side, did you know that botox also has very significant benefits for your health? 

Botox is a drug that has been approved by the FDA that has been known for its role as a neuromodulator. This means that it acts as a messenger that is released through the central nervous system’s neuron. More than being famous for its great addition to a person’s confidence, botox has shown that it is as highly significant in the field of medicine with regards to providing relief to some common painful problems experienced in the body of a person.  

 1. Migraines 

Migraines are painful, it is not your normal headache and can really affect you when a day comes where it hits you. Migraines that are chronic can even be paralyzing, you won’t be able to complete any task due to the pain. When experiencing migraines, you become sensitive to a room’s lighting thus it only indicates how it can really affect you especially in your tasks. Migraines are as common to adults as it is to students and if ever you are an adult, the work you do is technically a heavier task thus migraine can really affect you more. Botox is one way to help in relieving the pain from migraines! Botox can help prevent further headache before it becomes too severe thus ditching the paralyzing effect migraine has on a person. 

 2. Temporomandibular Joint also known as TMJ 

TMJ is a disorder that lasts a lifetime. TMJ’s teeth grinding can lead to headaches and worse sometimes lockjaw. In this situation, people experiencing or having this disorder often have difficulty in sleeping however, thankfully botox has been found to help in alleviating the symptoms of TMJ. Botox is a procedure that is non-surgical that can be done for 15 minutes to 30 minutes. Botox is usually injected in the forehead, temple and in the jaw however sometimes, in other people’s cases, it is also necessary to inject in some other parts for it to relieve pain. Technically, after the process, the relief does not come immediately but it is usually felt after a few days’ time. It is also possible to have the process repeated for better results.  

 3. Elixir of Youth 

As much as botox help in making sure you are relieved of your pain due to migraine or TMJ, botox keeps you from keeping up with your age. Laughing may be a good thing but fine lines can still build up as you age. Smoothing the lines on your face makes a big difference on how you look. 

Botox Bolton helps you in times where you are in pain due to migraine or if you have a disorder in your joints, moreover, botox helps in making sure you are looking at your best even at the peak of your age. If ever you want to cater to all these needs, connect with botox Bolton today!